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Entrepreneurial support with proven results


  Virtual Reception

  • Receive incoming calls and forward messages 

  • Monitor emails


Document Management

  • Scan and save documents

  • Organize files

  • Develop and edit Office Suite documents and files 

  • Create resumes, cover letters

  • Edit online manuals, reports

  • Develop presentation documents


Customer Service Management

  • Manage client communications

  • Organize inquiries and research to support business activities

  • Follow up calls, emails on behalf of client



  • Convert audio files to documents in various formats, depending on the industry requirement. (Meetings / Interviews / Medical / Insurance)


 Data Entry

  • Entering client data into various software 


 Payables / Receivables

  • Track expenses

  • Track sales volumes

  • Include data entry into Excel, CRM database, or accounting software 

  • Organize payables / receivables in preparation for tax submission



Dedicated to finding information and answers

 Single project

  • Research investigation to provide data for decision maker

  • Coordinate with profesionals, as needed


Ongoing support

  • Specific research, targeting business development

  • Data entry, or reporting based on research or marketing outcomes

  • Monitor social media, media activity related to marketing or events


The experience of a seasoned travel professional at your service


Booking flights and accommodations

  • Coordination of flights and hotels

  • Management of travel expenses

  • Review travel documents (passport, immunization, travel alerts)

  • Communication with client throughout trip, as needed



  • Flexible work solutions

  • Save on costs of employee-related office space expenses

  • Contracted only for the hours needed to support your business

  • Remote support on an as-needed basis, or contracted for dedicated hours

  • Support offered via email, chat, and phone support



Office and customer service management duties have a wide range of detail that can affect the rate. 

If ongoing assistance is required, a base retainer is recommended. 

Project work is usually short term.  Quotes are based on scope of work, and are encouraged.

Note: rates include time and materials, plus office maintenance costs including utilities.

$26 per hour

Simple tasks can include:

~ Editing a single-page text document (images not included)

~  Transposing less than 50 lines of data in Excel or Word 

 ~ Updating a 1-page  resume from a former version

~ Creating a simple form in Excel or Word (less than 4 hours)

~ Research online options for marketing purposes, providing useable links only

~ Letter writing services, create or edit per client direction

$29 per hour

Moderate tasks can include:

~ Reception tasks including remote phone, email, transcription 

~ Payables / Receivables data entries into client software

~ Client management, including data entry into software programs

~ Word processing

~ Transposing written text from an online source to a Word document

~ Editing multiple-page text documents

~ Transposing more than 50 lines of data into an Excel or Word

~ Formatting reports in Word

~ Creating  forms or worksheets  in Excel, including basic formulas

~ Job application package, resume and cover letter in Word and pdf versions

~ Researching a sales or marketing strategy with in-depth report, client directed

~ Event liaison, simple research or registration (Quote for multiple events)

~ Contract rate for remote customer service role, to support client

~ Contract rate for office management support

~ Contract rate for transcription services – Moderate meeting or industry style

~ Contract rate for remote sales assistance



Benefit from knowing you have a solid support program in place

Retainers are recommended as a cost savings for clients who require ongoing support throughout the month. Repetitive tasks and more complex projects are suitable for retainers. Retainer Plus is a monthly option that allows the most flexible feature – a monthly retainer plus hourly options for anything not covered in the retainer agreement.

Complex  tasks can be anything that requires additional time and explanation to execute.  Quotes are offered per task or project. Contract rates will be considered on a needs basis for more complex tasks.

For audio typing and transcription services, a Moderate Retainer Plus per-audio-minute rate based on audio difficulty and speaker count is normal.

SIMPLE Retainer Plus Package ( $24 per hour )

$96           4-hour package / daily

$480       20-hour package / weekly


MODERATE Retainer Plus Package ( $28 per hour )

$112        4-hour package / daily

$560      20-hour package / weekly

A service agreement for tasks and scope of project is required prior to start of Retainer Plus work commencement.  Additional work provided outside of the service agreement in place will be invoiced at the appropriate hourly rate, as determined by YVOA.

To receive an estimate for services, please send me a message through the CONTACTS page with a few details about your project and I will respond promptly.

Because there can be multiple factors that affect the time it takes to complete a project, the word processing rates are assessed are on a per-project basis.

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