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About Your Virtual Office Assistant

I recognized an opportunity to offer remote business services while wrapping up a 20-year-career in the travel industry.  This created a perfect solution to raising a young family while creating income and enrolling in additional learning programs.  I thrived in my home-based office, offering occassional and contracted services to entrepeneurs and organizations.


Since opening my business in 2002 I have enjoyed a wide variety of projects from creating resumes for  high school graduates or experienced workers just needing a new format to showcase their additional experience, to full-time contracted reception and marketing.  I may take on projects that only last a week or two, to relieve the owner's office staff from their own important tasks.

Whether it is a quick edit to a document or proof reading a manual, I enjoy the process and am pleased to support business owners .  I look forward to helping new entrepreneurs with setting up their business, attaching the owner to the right community connections and providing reception and sales remotely.  On occassion, I will work from the owner's office space to ensure a seamless management style.  Being flexible has been an important part of long-standing relationships with clients.

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